Out of State Shipping & Trucking of MN Hay

Are you interested in large truck-loads of hay or are wondering if our hay can be shipped outside of Minnesota? Our quality Minnesota hay is for sale nationwide. We regularly load hay bound for customers who are out of state. Whether it’s a one-time need, or regular customers, we welcome year-round, out-of-state semi truck-load buys of our square or round bales, hay or straw.

Bring Your Own Truck & Trailer

NOTE: We do not haul or deliver out-of-state loads ourself, so you would need to have your own transportation arranged. We do have equipment to help load your tractor trailer.

Helping Our Neighbors Across America

Sudden or seasonal changes in demand for hay across the country can happen for a variety of reasons. From drought or poor local growning conditions to storms, fires, natural disasters and other situations where the local demand for hay exceeds the supply. We recently loaded several semi truck loads of hay bound for customers affected by severe drought. We have sent our hay to out of state locations such as Texas, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota, and even as far as South Carolina or California. We welcome customers from anywhere, year-round.

Please Note: Our competitive pricing varies by season, availability and load-size. Please contact us for a price quote.

Contact Brad at 612-619-4901 to place an order.