Minnesota Straw Bales for Sale

We have straw bales and corn-stalk bales for sale in Minnesota. Straw bales are able to be picked up from our New Germany farm location, or may be delivered to customers in central Minnesota. Please contact us for availability, delivery and pricing.

Straw Bales For Sale
In addition to producing hay, we are a cash-crop farm. This allows us to also produce straw bales, available in either large round bales, or large and small square bales. Our Straw is baled from clean, dry stalks of oats, wheat and other seasonal yield crops. Our straw round bales are ideal for stalls, bedding and insulation, and stable lining.

Cornstalk Bales For Sale
Our cornstalk bales are baled in large, round bales. These bales are suitable for bedding, stable lining, insulation, as well as a dietary roughage component for cattle and livestock. Cornstalk bales are typically available in the fall, after harvest and throughout the winter.

Please Note: Our competitive pricing varies by season, availability and load-size. Please contact us for a price quote. Because we deal mainly with stables, farms and other larger operations, we do have a minimum order quantity. Sorry, no single bales. Truck and trailer loads only.

For more information, contact Brad: 612-619-4901